Who Do You Offer?

Every year college programs are in an arms race to bring in the best high school football players. Programs typically bring in roughly 25 scholarship players per class. The best programs have a systematic process that is clearly defined and that evolves from year to year based on the evolution of the game and the scheme a team wants to run. It’s fairly easy to identify top tier talent; however, the challenge is how to decide on who to offer out of a group of players that are all top-tier prospects. I recently spoke with a recruiting assistant at a Power 5 school and he explained that some schools will only offer 3-5 players at a particular position. Other schools will offer up to 15 players per position. A position “Board” will be arranged that ranks players vertically using a grading system that is unique to a particular school. It’s not as easy as it seems to put together a recruiting board. I thought it would be a cool idea to put readers in the shoes of a head coach or Director of Player Personnel that has to make a tough decision.

Scenario: There are 4 players at the Wide Receiver position that are heavily interested in signing with your school. Each of these players has Power 5 ability. You are given a set of data. The information in Table 1 (See attachment) has all been verified. The information in Table 2 (See attachment) provides the grades each player was given for certain Critical Factors using a sample rubric (See attachment)

What player would you offer and why? Do you need more information? If so, what information and why?

Who Do You Offer
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