Project MPH: Athletics Westchester Founder Dominic Zanot Will Bring Added Value to All-NY Showcase

With less than a month until the All-NY Showcase on May 23rd in Albany, NY, we thought is was important to release information about the event that will provide participants, parents, and coaches with specific information on what will take place. Hours of discussion went into the planning of this event and the questions that we continued to focus on throughout the planning process were: "How is this going to aid players? What can we provide players with that will serve as a catalyst for actual development and preparation for Combines? We spoke with Dominoc Zanot, Founder of Athletics Westchester, about some important questions that we have been asked about his portion of the event. See his responses below. This will be Part I of a two-part series on the ALL-NY Showcase.

1. What is MPH and what does it tell us about speed as it relates to football?

MPH = Miles Per Hour. Miles Per Hour can be calculated at any point of a sprint as long as specific segments are timed and converted. The most common segment timed and measured for the sport of football is from either 20-40yd OR 30-40yd of the 40yd dash. This distance allows enough time for the athlete to accelerate to top speed OR near top speed without forcing them to extend and hold it beyond the standard length of a single play (3-5 seconds).

Maximum velocity in MPH has become increasingly important as a standard metric to determine exactly how fast a player can sprint. Below are three reasons:

  1. MPH velocity readings remove the technical components of the start… and this is positive. In the 40yd dash, an athlete can practice and drill the exact step pattern necessary to improve their final time, which may inflate the true performance of their actual sprinting capability . On the other hand, an athlete may have an extremely fast max velocity but little experience with the start which can deflate the true performance of their actual sprinting capability. MPH readings leve