Leveraging Twitter as a Student Athlete

Twitter has become a valuable “free” tool for a prospective student athlete to use to provide college coaches, recruiting assistants and scouting services with valuable information that can help their recruitment. As someone who spends a significant amount of time using Twitter to acquire information on prospects, I’ve accumulated a checklist of best practices that all prospective students athletes should implement to maximize their Twitter accounts.

Profile Name

Make sure that you use your actual name (First and Last Name) on your account and avoid using “nicknames”. This makes it easier for colleges to confirm that the account belongs to you.

Profile Photo

  1. If possible, choose a headshot from a camp or showcase you have attended. You can also use your iphone to take a picture and crop it.

Twitter Header Photo

  1. If you have an action photo playing in a game, the header photo can be a great option.

Instructions to customize your Twitter profile


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