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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As a follow up to my article on leveraging your Twitter account, I wanted to do something similar for HUDL. I spend a substantial amount of time reviewing highlights on HUDL and there are definitely some best practices I have identified to maximize a HUDL account.

Demographics (Name/School)

Be sure to double check that your first and

last name are spelled correctly. In addition, include the full name of your high school along with the city and state it is located in. There are many high schools with the same name and you want to make sure that college coaches and recruiting assistants have the right account.


I talked about this in the Twitter article. Be sure to include your current height and weight, positions played, and sports played. All of this information should match your Twitter account, and Maxpreps profile if you have a profile. Update your measurables annually.


Be sure to have your most recent highlights appear first. Often I’ve had to scroll down and search for a player’s season highlights. In addition, title the highlights by season and include the school. If you transfer from one school to another, you definitely want to note that in the title of your highlights. If you play multiple positions or on both offense and defense, you have a few options. Create separate highlights for both offense and defense and post them separately or you could also combine them into one highlight segment.

Example, “2019 Season Highlights (WR/DB) - Iona Prep”


Include your highlight link on your Twitter or Instagram account. This saves someone time when trying to locate your highlights.


This is one of the underutilized features on HUDL. If you have action photos or a photo of you warming up before a game, include those on your account. This allows coaches and recruiters to get a good description of your body type which is something that many coaches look at. At the NFL level, scouts always include a body type description within their reports. In addition, if you have a headshot, include that as well.

- Brian Hawkins

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