Iona Prep TE Justin Joly (22'): Athleticism on Full Display Against Canisius

(NEW ROCHELLE, NY - 5:25 AM). I’ve received several inquiries as to how players are evaluated at Prospect NYS. Every process is different. What I will say is that it is close and in some aspects similar to evaluation at the Pro level. Just to give you a sense of the hours spent on NFL report writing, see the short list below on what goes into a report. This is by no means all of the items but it will make it irrefutably clear that watching a 5 minute HUDL highlight doesn’t even come close to a thorough evaluation.

· 3 Full Games Viewed – 2+ hours

· Medical History

· Background/Character

· Campus Visit (Speak to Strength and Condition coach, Position coach, Coordinator and Head coach if possible, Academic Advisor, Pro Liaison etc)

· Write Report (45+ minutes)

Without getting into specific details on our scale at Prospect NYS and what happens internally, below is just a small snippet of note taking/report writing on Iona Prep TE Justin Joly (22’) based on various film sources. It is important to note that grades CHANGE from year to year and are never set in stone. The bolded adjectives below are common words/phrases that signal to the reader where a player falls on our scale. This is no secret as most NFL teams and a good amount of college programs use a scale with common verbiage that must be used in reports so that when you are conducting a “report reading meeting” to stack your board, everyone understands their peers when they are describing a player. Without common verbiage, you are left with a lack of a common language which leads to inefficiency in evaluating.