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Important Information for Armory Combine Participants

Wear Track Spikes – We strongly encourage you to wear track spikes for the 55m Mondo Dash.

5-10-5 Short Shuttle – You will NOT be able to wear spikes for this event. Regular running shoes will be adequate for this event.

Wear your school apparel – If you run track for your school, we encourage you to wear your school track uniform. If you do not run track, you should wear track leggings or shorts during the events. You will be wearing a numbered BIB during the events so we strongly encourage you to wear your school apparel.

The Armory has approved additional people inside to view the event. College/High school coaches and parents are welcome to attend. The Armory is charging a $20 admission fee and tickets can be purchased using the link below. Please note that each player will be allowed to have 1 chaperone accompany them into the event without any additional charge.

If any participants have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.