Western New York Scout

Get to know our Western New York Scout.

I am from Rochester, NY where I went to Gates-Chili High School, home of Foreigner Lead Singer, Lou Graham, and Grey Cup Champion, Ernest Jackson. I graduated high school in 2012 and then went onto get a Master’s Degree in Professional Accountancy from Daemen College in Buffalo, NY. Though I didn’t play football past the age of 7, I always had a deep appreciation for the science behind the game. After college with a bit more free time (not having to study for exams 24/7), I wanted to be more involved with the game of football.

By reaching out to my good friend, Liam Jenkins, he would hire me to become a writer for Philadelphia Sports Network and then Lou DiBiase who would allow me to Co-Host the “Locked on Eagles Podcast.” Through networking, I was able to meet Dan Hatman who runs “The Scouting Academy,” which lead me to where I am today.After two semesters with the academy, Dan invited me to the 2020 Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama where I would meet the Prospect NYS team. The Scouting Academy has helped me learn the science that is football.

11 individuals (or 8 in some rural areas), coming together from different backgrounds to accomplish a greater goal, the ultimate team sport. The academy teaches evaluation based on several critical and position specific factors. Dan and his team voice the message that every player brings something to the table with the goal to identify their positive factors in each that apply to players from the NFL down to Pop Warner. Many people think of the big football states like Texas and Florida, but NY has talent as well. Much like the gold rush, the riches aren’t all in one area. Yes, you have your powerhouses such as Aquinas and Erasmus Hall, but there is talent in the smallest of schools, like Livonia and Elma.

The message of The Scouting Academy and Prospect NYS are virtually the same; finding the good in players not based on their jersey, but the player underneath the number. New York is a football state from what I have seen.

Gino Cammilleri - Western New York Scout