Do Football Combines Matter?

Dominic Zanot (Athletics Westchester) discusses the value of combines for football players

Yes. You value what you measure. Football values speed, agility, size and collision.

Combines can measure ALL of these. Here are five reasons players should take advantage of

the Armory Football Combine.

1. Football is a collision sport. Combine events can measure a player’s ability to

produce collisions.

Collisions are a result of each athlete’s ability to produce FORCE. Force = Mass x Acceleration. When mass (height and weight) and exercises that demonstrate acceleration (sprints/jumps/agility) are appropriately measured, we can create a profile for which athlete will produce the greatest collision when blocking and tackling.

2. The ability to avoid collisions is highly valued in football. Combines can also

measure a player’s ability to avoid them.

Avoiding collisions are also a result of each athlete’s ability to produce FORCE. Remember, Force = Mass x Acceleration. When acceleration is appropriately measured through a sprint, agility run and jump, we are able to examine a player’s ability to separate. With that data, we can express that ability in both time

and distance (inches, feet, yards, etc.). Again, an athlete’s profile is created based on their

ability to separate and avoid collisions.

3. Training for Combine events raises your ceiling as a player for your current high

school program.

Combines give players something of tangible value to prepare for that will improve their force production. By training for the sprint, agility, jump and throw, players will improve their ability to produce greater force. Greater force production raises your ceiling as a player, regardless of position. Not only are athletes helping themselves to improve, but they are improving their high school teams by becoming a better athlete.

4. Accurate results provide clarity on what and how to improve.

After receiving performance results in each event from the Combine, athletes will be able to better understand their weakness and direct their training for improvement. For example: If a Defensive Lineman ranks in the top percentile of the Medicine Ball Power Toss, but ranks in the middle percentile of the Standing Long Jump, he now knows to focus his training on lower body power through Plyometrics and the Olympic Lifts. Clearly, Combines are much more than a college recruitment event... they are an opportunity for honest feedback to promote personal

growth as an athlete.

5. Combines can help college recruitment.

Combines are important because they can provide unbiased data to accurately compare players from different states, sections, counties and leagues. The key term is “unbiased data”.

This is where the Armory Combine is different. ALL results will be measured with precision and accuracy that cannot be disputed. Human error will be removed so that a clear comparison of a player’s speed, power and agility can be made. The Armory is an internationally-respected Track & Field venue which utilizes the highest levels of technology and measurement for high performance running such as Fully Automatic Timing (F.A.T.) and laser measurements for jumps and throws. In addition, the results of each event will be made public in real time. Why does this matter? Public results mean TRUST.

Conclusion: Is there more to a football player than Combine results? Absolutely! There are

some intangibles that a Combine cannot measure. However, all football coaches at all levels

want faster, more powerful, and more agile players. There is no better way to show this than to

have these characteristics accurately measured and publicly released by a trusted source on

December 5th at The Armory Football Combine.