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All-NY Showcase Outline - May 23rd

Below see an outline of what participants can expect at the All-NY Showcase. Please note that this document will be modified leading up to the event.

Height and Weight

Brian Hawkins, RN (Director of Scouting and Player Personnel Prospect NYS and NextGen Prospect) will obtain all height and weight measurements.

Each player will have their height and weight measured.

Important Notes:

SECA which is a reputable and world-wide provider of Medical Measuring Systems and Scales will be used to obtain height and weight measurements.

Height will be measured up to an eighth of an inch.

Session 1: Project MPH/Athletics Westchester

Dominic Zanot, Founder of Athletics Westchester, along with selected Track coaches will lead this portion of the Showcase.

Participants will practice efficient starts, acceleration mechanics and efficient max velocity/sprint skills. More importantly, they will apply these best practices and perform an F.A.T (fully automated) top speed metr