All-NY Showcase Outline - May 23rd

Below see an outline of what participants can expect at the All-NY Showcase. Please note that this document will be modified leading up to the event.

Height and Weight

Brian Hawkins, RN (Director of Scouting and Player Personnel Prospect NYS and NextGen Prospect) will obtain all height and weight measurements.

Each player will have their height and weight measured.

Important Notes:

SECA which is a reputable and world-wide provider of Medical Measuring Systems and Scales will be used to obtain height and weight measurements.

Height will be measured up to an eighth of an inch.

Session 1: Project MPH/Athletics Westchester

Dominic Zanot, Founder of Athletics Westchester, along with selected Track coaches will lead this portion of the Showcase.

Participants will practice efficient starts, acceleration mechanics and efficient max velocity/sprint skills. More importantly, they will apply these best practices and perform an F.A.T (fully automated) top speed metric in MPH.

Session 2: Core Position Specific Movements/Half-Field Offense vs Defense/1 on 1s

The Showcase portion will have a unique format. It will consist of core position specific movements and applying those movements within an actual football context. An example of this would be Wide Receivers beginning with various routes being run on "air" followed by 2 or 3 receiver passing concepts (Smash Concept, Levels, etc). Defensive backs would follow a similar format by beginning with various movements (Backpedaling, Transitioning, Press Man, Off-Man etc.) followed by split field coverages (Quarters, 2 Man etc). Linebackers will similarly work on various position movements in addition to coverage techniques within a Split Field coverage context. This will allow for more authentic football context as opposed to a designated 1 on 1 period. The half field offense vs defense will provide opportunities for 1 on 1 situations; however, it will occur within a half-field concept.

Quarterbacks will throw to receivers that will run a diverse route tree on "air" followed by throwing to receivers within a half-field passing concept.

Offensive and Defensive Lineman will each work through position specific movements followed by movements within a football context. For example, an OL will come off a combination block and climb to the Second level to block a LB. This will not be a stationary defender holding a bag standing still. The defender will move with the bag which will force the OL to show their ability to track and take the best angle to the defender and, if applicable, move laterally to mirror the defender. This will provide more authentic context to the drill.

We are currently in the process of ensuring that if any 1 on 1 situations occur, they provide evaluators with meaningful information when it comes to movements skills.

The above position descriptions are just a small snapshot of what will occur during the Showcase.

Ultimately, the objective of the Showcase is to go beyond the typical isolated 1 on 1 situations. Instead, by providing greater context, players will be pushed to carry out particular assignments within an authentic football context.

Note: Players will not be expected to memorize an unreasonable number of concepts; however, there will be some material that will need to be reviewed prior to the Showcase. Written materials and a tentative (voluntary) Zoom session will be offered to aid players.

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