All-NY Showcase: How Selections Are Made?

Coaching Nominations

A Google form is available for coaches to nominate a player they feel would benefit from attending. Players DO NOT need to be Division 1 prospects to be nominated. It it is extremely challenging for colleges at all levels to build a board and sign a recruiting class. There are over 600+ high schools in New York and thousands of players. Coaches are the most important source for identification of players and we value their opinions.


We do not just view highlights. In many instances, FULL game film is requested. This is labor intensive, but also something that is required if we are going to come to some consensus regarding a player’s potential. At the minimum, we are answering the following questions:

1. Does the player have the requisite height, weight and athleticism to compete at the college level? (This varies based on position).

2. Does the player show competitiveness on film?

3. We have a grading scale and specific positional traits that we use to guide film study.

Discussion with Coaches

We have in many instances reached out to coaches to get their thoughts on players they nominated. This is a people/relationship profession. Coaches spend the most time with players and provide firsthand context that we can’t see on film. Coaches are the ultimate driving engine behind this event.

Position Limits

Selecting 120 players is not as easy as it appears. We have to consider positional balance to ensure equitable reps for players. For example, Quarterbacks have to be limited. If you have too many, the time between reps can be too long. This requires careful planning and numbers have to be considered.

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